PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Customers often mistake Liz Guerra for “Maggie.” Maggie’s Snow Shoppe is what she calls her new shaved ice business.

Maggie is Liz’s grandmother. However, she was more like a mother to Liz.

“She’s my childhood so I named it after her,” Liz said.

Liz and her grandmother used to get snow cones all of the time together. Now, Maggie’s name will live on through more than a dozen syrups.

“She would say, ‘You’re crazy.’ that was her favorite thing to say,” Liz said. “I think she would be really proud. I think she’d be honored that it was named after her and especially because it had her favorite flavor.”

Maggie’s favorite flavor was pink leche. It’s one of several menu items at Maggie’s Snow Shoppe.

“Usually we carry about 10-11 natural flavors. We have blueberry, cherry, coconut, cucumber lime, guava.” Liz said.

Guerra started this business in less than a year.

The former full-time student, on-the-go mom and now business owner gives credit to Pasco County Economic Development Council’s SMARTstart program.

Guerra’s instructor calls her a “mom-preneur.”

“Her bringing the legacy of her grandma and a memory and then bringing that to the youth of this generation is really incredible to watch,” SMARTstart Program Director Dan Mitchell said.

You could say Guerra’s daughters are crushing it so far.

“So when my grandma passed, I had to go through her stuff and I thought about when I passed what my daughters would have to go through,” Liz said. “It wasn’t very much so I wanted to have something to leave behind to them.”

Liz Guerra said the community is likely to find her camper at 7th Street Mini Golf in Dade City.