HOLIDAY, Fla. (WFLA) — Two whistleblowers have come forward claiming managers at a Pasco County Salvation Army stole donations and pocketed the profits. The whistleblowers claim they were punished for reporting it.

Scott Snider is former military policeman having served 20 years in the U.S. Army.

“‘I come from a police background, so my senses were tingling the whole time,” said Snider.

In 2017, he worked as a furniture salesman at a Salvation Army Family Store in Holiday. He and a fellow employee soon noticed some strange activity – a furniture deliveryman would frequently buy many pieces of expensive donated furniture.

“He would be buying the furniture at a reduced, very reduced rate specifically for him and then he would take them to his store and just re-sell them,” said Snider.

Snider also saw the deliveryman literally stealing donated items from the warehouse. He tried to complain to management all to no avail.

“At first it seemed like they were actively looking at it and they wanted to stop it but then it became clear to me that they were actually involved with it,” he said.

“The manager brushed them off and told them to look the other way,” said attorney Derek Usman.

Snider learned the managers were pocketing some of the profits and things soon went downhill.

“He went from a sales associate to cleaning toilets,” said Usman.

Snider and his colleague claim the managers retaliated against them. The two eventually left and have now filed a whistleblower lawsuit.

The managers were not willing to speak with News Channel 8, but the Salvation Army provided this brief statement:

We have investigated the allegations and do not comment on pending litigation.”

“They’re taking not only from a corporation so to speak, they were taking back from the community,” said Snider.

The other whistleblower has moved to the east coast of Florida. Snider hopes this lawsuit sends a message – be very careful about where you choose to donate your items.