PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Do it and you may could get hit with a huge fine. A warning is going out for residents of Pasco County tempted to dump trash and debris in the woods or alongside a road. 

A new program called “Be Pasco Proud” is encouraging people who see illegal dumping to report it.

Hidden cameras caught illegal dumpers tossing junk.

With the new push to rid Pasco County of illegal dumping, residents are being asked to rat out people who do it.

“If they can actually give us license plates, some information about somebody who dumped it, then we can actually use the sheriff’s office and enforce the laws that are on the books,” said Pasco County Administrator Dan Biles.

Pasco County has received 143 complaints about illegal dumpsites since last October.

A pile of junk at the end of Hacienda Way in Holiday is littered with couches, chairs and mattresses, and the pile of junk grows every week.

People ignore a nearby dumpster and just toss stuff in the woods.

Cricket Weakley lives right next to the mess.

“I’m worried about vermin and rat, and all that other icky stuff coming in. Rats and stuff,” Weakley said.

Long-time residents remember a time when you could drive through the alley.

“I just wish that they would clean up other places too. There’s too much junk around,” said Sandra Fish.

With “Pasco Proud” you can offer tips by email, phone, an app or social media to report a violation.

“So that’s why this is out there, so we can get our neighbors to try to look, see what’s going on, help us report it, help us clean it up,” said Biles.

Violators can be fined $500 per day, per item, plus clean-up costs.

The county plans to prosecute dumpers.

How you can report illegal dumping:

  • Click “Report Illegal Dumping”on the MyPasco app
  • Email
  • Call 727-847-2411
  • Post a photo and location on social media using the hashtags #PascoProud #RIDPasco

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