NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. (WFLA) – A sinkhole that first opened up as a depression in Pasco County last year has reopened and grown despite recent efforts to fix it, officials say.

According to Pasco County Emergency Management officials, a sinkhole repair company filled the hole on Jan. 7. Four days later, on Monday, the fill material started to collapse back into the hole.

Officials say the hole, which was still labeled a depression in October, has grown about another four feet on the north side and is now about 50 feet wide. 

The sinkhole still remains on private property. The county says the private property’s contractor is working on additional efforts to fix the hole.

County officials will continue to monitor the area, including the right-of-way. One southbound lane of Little Road remains closed.

The hole was first discovered on Oct. 5 and steadily grew, causing the Varsity Club sports bar and the surrounding area to close temporarily.

At the time, the depression was 20 feet wide and 35 feet deep but quickly grew to 37 feet wide and 70 feet deep within days.

The sports bar reopened later while parts of Little Road remained closed as engineers and geologists studied the depression. Emergency management officials said a lane of Little Road would remain closed until the county was able to use ground-penetrating radar to make sure the roadway was sound.

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