WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida Highway Patrol trooper was struck during a shootout in Wesley Chapel on Saturday. The FHP said the suspect was killed by gunfire.

Randy Sutton is a former lieutenant with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and founder of Wounded Blue, an organization that supports injured or disabled law enforcement officers.

“We have a trooper here who is a hero,” Sutton said.

But, Sutton said, the injured trooper could have a long road to recovery.

“The physical injuries are one thing,” Sutton explained. “Psychological injuries are another. They often go hand in hand.”

“There’s a large number of them that will — even if they weren’t hurt — will leave the job,” Sutton said. “Because of the psychological consequences and emotional consequences.”

According to authorities, a FHP trooper was on patrol on I-75 around 3:15 a.m. when the trooper saw two men who appeared to be stealing a pickup truck or something inside it. When the trooper approached, they drove off, initiating a car chase.

After driving a short while, two more FHP troopers joined in on the pursuit, then a trooper used a PIT maneuver to disable the suspects’ truck.

“This is a lot of skill, mind you,” said Sutton. “You’re talking about a very, very high stress situation involving a pursuit.”

Both suspects got out and started to run toward the woods by the highway, but one surrendered. The other got a gun out and started shooting. A trooper was hit in the torso, but shot back and killed the suspect.

“He’s got to deal with not just the fact that he’s injured,” Sutton said. “But the fact that he took another person’s life.”

The trooper was airlifted to a local hospital. Though FHP said the trooper is in stable condition, Sutton said full recovery isn’t always so full.

“When an officer is hurt, they often feel abandoned and alone,” Sutton said. “In fact, very often, they are abandoned and alone.”

The suspect who surrendered was also hospitalized — he’s expected to be charged as well, but no word yet on when that will happen or what charges will be filed.

Multiple other agencies are helping with the investigation, including the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Pasco and Hernando County sheriffs’ offices.