TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A former Pasco County child protective investigator who allegedly falsified reports has been arrested, authorities said.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said ex-child protective investigator Jennifer Lewis was taken into custody on Friday.

Sheriff Chris Nocco said his agency learned of the falsified reports from a trainee that was with Lewis during visits to Pasco County homes. The trainee told their supervisor about a month later that there was a discrepancy between the reports and the events that happened during the visits.

“While (the trainee) was reviewing them, she said we were at this house, but we didn’t talk to anybody,” the sheriff said. “And on another occasion, they were at the house, but the CPI investigator, Jennifer Lewis, just put her card there. She didn’t speak to anybody, but what she put in those reports reflected that she actually spoke to people, which is a lie.”

After learning that Lewis falsified the reports, Nocco said the sheriff’s office went back to Lewis’ 27 cases to make sure that the children involved were actually safe.

Jennifer Lewis, arrested on two cases of falsifying
records. (Pasco County Jail)

“God forbid something happened to one of these kids because she didn’t do what was right,” he said.

The sheriff said there were some discrepancies in some of the cases, but there was no indication of anyone being in danger in those cases. Investigators also examined 62 previous cases.

Lewis worked with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office from January 2016 to her resignation in March 2021.