PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida authorities have captured a prisoner who’s been on the run for three days after he walked away from his work detail in Apalachicola on Monday.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office advised that Robert Rutherford, 37, was considered armed and dangerous while on the loose, however, he has since been captured.

In a video update Thursday, Sheriff A.J. “Tony Smith” showed Rutherford standing in handcuffs, advising Franklin County residents that they can “rest easy.”

“This is our man we’ve been looking for, so everybody can rest easy in Franklin County now, and the people that harbored him are going to jail,” Smith said. “We appreciate your calls and your tips, but he’s in custody now, nobody’s injured, nobody’s hurt, nobody is gonna be.”

Authorities said Rutherford is serving 20 years for armed burglaries and domestic violence. While he was still on the run, some residents’ Ring doorbell cameras captures sightings of Rutherford.

On Wednesday night, Rutherford was still on the run, and according to Smith, Rutherford was believed to be in Eastpoint Thursday.

Multiple agencies, including the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, also joined the search as Rutherford had ties to the county.

“We’re sharing this information on behalf of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, as Robert Rutherford has ties to Pasco County,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a post on Facebook.

Sheriff Smith did not say where Rutherford was captured but said the sheriff’s office would provide an update soon.