PASCO CO., Fla. (WFLA) — School is back in session for students in Pasco County tomorrow, and every student will begin their classes at a different time than last year.

The school board voted to adjust school start times in order to deal with the school bus driver shortage. Adjusting the start times allows for fewer drivers to cover additional routes.

Pasco Schools Superintendent Kurt Browning admits that time changes are not a perfect solution.

“We had some kids arriving to school over an hour late.  And that’s lost instructional minutes and we can’t afford to have our kids missing out on educationally on this,” said Superintendent Browning.  “So that’s the reason we were prompted to do this.”

Even if you don’t have a student in a Pasco County school, Browning said the change in start time could affect your commute.

“If you’re driving tomorrow morning, at your normal time, you may see buses on the road with their yellow and red flashers on,” said Browning.

Many parents and guardians say the changes in start times mid-school year is a huge inconvenience.

Jeannette Bryant is helping her daughter out by picking up her granddaughter, Savannah, from school.  

“What’s the right thing to do?  There isn’t a win/win,” said Bryant.  “You have no choice but to work with what you’ve got.  So, you do what you have to, to comply. But, it’s by no means ideal for family.”