PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — The Florida Highway Patrol released bodycam and dashcam video from the arrest of Chicago Bears’ wide receiver Byron Pringle.

The video showed Pringle was initially upset with one trooper when he tried to pull Pringle out of his car.

“Come on, let me get out,” he told the trooper.

He then asked for the deputy on the scene to arrest him instead of the trooper.

According to arrest documents obtained by News Channel 8, Pringle was doing donuts on State Road 56. When troopers pulled him over outside near his home, they saw a child in his back seat and discovered his license was suspended.

One trooper can be heard telling Pringle he had three suspensions on his license. The trooper said two were due to financial obligations and the other was for an unpaid traffic fine.

The video showed Pringle’s initial confusion and frustration quickly turned to concern for his car once troopers told him his car was being towed.

“Make sure he don’t scratch up my front, it’s lower to the ground,” Pringle said while sitting in the back of an FHP car.

Pringle sat in the back of the trooper’s car for about nine minutes before they took him to the Pasco County Jail. His demeanor was a lot more positive as time went on.

“Everything happens for a reason, I guess they’re all blessings,” he said to a woman from inside the car.

The ride over was without any incident, with Pringle just commenting on how hot the back of the car was several times.

Pringle was charged with reckless driving and driving while his license was suspended or revoked.