PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A 13-year-old Pasco County student was arrested in connection to making threats against a school, the school district said.

Pasco County Schools said the student posted the threats against Charles R. Rushe Middle School which led to both Rushe Middle School and adjacent Sunlake High School being placed on Controlled Campus status most of the day. Two other nearby schools were affected to a lesser extent.

Deputies with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office were able to identify the Rushe Middle School student, who admitted to sending the anonymous threats on social media.

Officials said the student was charged with making written threats to kill, disruption of a school function and making a false report to law enforcement.

The school district said students and staff members were never in any danger. However, the threats disrupted the school day for hours.

“It’s frustrating and concerning to have these disruptions at our schools, but I want parents to know that we will always err on the side of caution and will keep parents informed,” said Pasco School Superintendent Kurt Browning. “Also, I want students to know that making anonymous threats is not a joke; it’s a crime.”

Officials said a second arrest was made in an earlier unrelated anonymous threat against Sunlake High School.

They said a student who used to attend school in Pasco County was arrested in Walton County, where the student now lives.

“I especially want to thank the Pasco Sheriff’s Office for responding as they did,’’ Browning said. “They conducted a thorough investigation and made sure our campuses were safe.”