Pasco burglary suspect dies on way to hospital


PORT RICHEY, FL (WFLA) – Thomas Fagan is still rattled from his experience early this morning at his mother’s Port Richey home.

“We heard loud banging, glass breaking and then I heard my mother screaming and the dogs screaming out of control….  ” Fagan said.  He ran out of his room and discovered 35-year-old Torrey Robinson bloody, banging on his mother’s door.

“And he was banging on her door trying to get in there.  So I immediately ran up to him and said, dude, what are you doing?  Who are you?”  Said Fagan.  “I tried grabbing his shoulder, and there was blood everywhere, and I tried grabbing his shoulder and he just wasn’t coming off the door. “

Fagan’s girlfriend, Emily Facer, called 911.  Sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene moments later.  By that time, Robinson was on the floor bleeding.  Investigators believe he suffered severe cuts when he entered the home through the kitchen window.  They tried calming him down, but it wasn’t working.  Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco said deputies surrounded him until fire rescue arrived.

“They pointed a taser and said, don’t get up, lay there, we’re getting fire rescue.  They immediately called fire rescue and fire rescue started coming to the scene.”  Nocco said.  “Prior to fire rescue arriving, he tried to get up, one time in an aggressive manner.  At one point he tries throwing nails at the deputies and they did deploy the taser. “

Nocco says Robinson continued fighting.  Fagan witnessed the entire ordeal.

“They had to shackle him because he was fighting with him.  They were trying to get him bandaged, but he wouldn’t let the EMT [emergency medical technician] bandage him,”  Fagan said.  “He was fighting and kicking.”

Emergency crews finally got Robinson into an ambulance, but he died on the way to the hospital.

Sheriff Nocco says investigators are trying to figure out what his intentions were and are trying to establish a timeline.  He lives just a few doors down from Fagan’s mother’s home, and was at home with his two young children Friday night.  His wife left for work, and at some point, he left the two children at home and made his way down the street.

Fagan thinks Robinson may have been confused, or perhaps, under the influence.

“Normally, we leave those lights on, as a night light, we leave those two LED lights on,”  Fagan said, pointing at two lights in the kitchen.  “And I think what happened is he might have, considering he might have been OD’ing or something he might have seen those lights from the street….  “

Sheriff’s deputies searched Robinson’s home and did discover a white powdery substance, which they are currently analyzing.  The medical examiner’s office will determine the cause of death.

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