HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Our 8 On Your Side investigation into Brandon OroGold selling more than $6,300 worth of face cream to an elderly man – and then refusing to take it back – hit a nerve.

Hundreds of viewers flocked to social media to complain that the store pressured the man into making the purchase and then refused to accept his return.

The customer, Bruce Bailor, is 82 years old and has Parkinson’s Disease and what his family calls, “diminished capacity.”RELATED:82-year-old with Parkinson’s out $6,300, decides ‘Better Call Behnken’

Bailor says the transaction was so fast, so suave, that he didn’t realize how much it cost. He had bought similar gifts over the years for his wife, he said, and never imagined skincare could cost thousands of dollars. (one item on Bailor’s receipt was $1,800.)

The very next day, the couple took the products back the store, and Mrs. Bailor explained her husband’s mental state and that he made a very big mistake.

OroGold has a “no return” policy, and no one would answer questions from 8 On Your Side, but today the owner, Ami Rubin, changed his mind and spoke out.

“We never use aggressive technique sale,” Rubin said. “I offer him the product, I show him the result. He liked the result.He liked the product. He gave me his credit card. I told him this is the price.”

Rubin said he was the one who sold Mr. Bailor the products and there was nothing wrong with the sale.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” he said. “I didn’t do anything illegal.”

Social media has not been kind to Brandon OroGold since our investigation aired last week. Hundreds commented that Bailor should get their money back and many called Rubin and left angry messages to let him know.

At this point, the Bailor’s don’t even have the product anymore because they returned it via UPS, when Rubin refused to accept it in the store.

The couple disputed credit card charges and got out of one for $1,300 with Master Card, but American Express said, no, because Bailor was in the store and made the purchase.

Rubin said the negative publicity is hurting his business and he is considering giving the Bailors at least part of their money back but not a full refund. OroGold is based in California and Rubin owns a franchise. Company policy is to give no refunds, only exchanges. Rubin said if he changes that policy for Bailor, he would have to do that for everyone.

When asked why he needs such a policy if his products are so good, he said, “that’s the policy.”

OroGold Customer Service, based at its headquarters in California, responded to emails from 8 On Your Side:

“OROGOLD at Brandon Mall is an independently managed retail location and although it is our brand policy to assist in resolving any customer concerns to the best of our ability, any final decisions would be made by the local management.”


Do you think the owner should refund the elderly man’s money? Do you think he should stick to his “no refund” policy? Comment below. Share with your friends and family.

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