TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Come Saturday, the waters of Tampa Bay will be filled with ships and sailors cruising in the Gasparilla Flotilla.

If you’re a marooned pirate without a ship of your own you can still participate.

“Anyone can go to the website and find exactly what they are looking to do whether it be cruising, sailing, fishing, even kayaking,” said Thanos Genos, a spokesman for Boatsetter.

Recently launched in the Tampa Bay area, Boatsetter allows users to rent a variety of captained boats.

Boat owners can also rent their vessels out. It’s similar to Uber – but on water.

There’s a ship of every size available from small pontoon boats to luxury yachts. Users simply plug in their price points, number of passengers and length.

You certainly don’t have to have discovered a sunken treasure chest to enjoy the open water. “With Gasparilla and the community of Tampa Bay, Boatsetter provides an additional option for people who may not be that pirate with their own ship. They may be able to now, go find their own boat to be part of the invasion,” Genos said.

The service is especially handy for those pirates looking to enjoy a little grog.

“It’s just like driving. The legal limit is .08,” said petty officer Ashley Johnson of the U.S. Coast Guard.

When using peer-to-peer ride or boat sharing services, safety is always critical and that’s why the Coast Guard advises checking one important document before setting sail.

“If you are not an experienced boater and you have decided that you are going to pay someone to go out on their boat, we are asking people to ask the captain. They have to have a UCG license in order to take money for services,” Johnson said.