CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — A 20-year-old Odessa man was arrested for driving under the influence and was likely left with an expensive cleaning bill after police say he left the scene of a hit-and-run crash and was later found in an Uber ride covered in vomit.

Florida troopers say Joshua Nathan Leyva, 20 ran into the right side of a Chevy Silverado after a quick lane change on US 19 and Republic Dr.

The collision left the truck with damage throughout the cab.

Troopers were called to the scene, questioned the victim and were later able to find a vehicle matching the description of Levya’s Honda at a nearby Burger King parking lot.

After the car was located, they went to the home of the registered owners who happened to be Levya’s parents.

As a trooper was speaking with the couple, Leyva arrived in the backseat of an Uber car. When the trooper approached the car, he noticed a stream of vomit running down from the window to the side of the vehicle’s exterior.

Leyva stumbled out of the vehicle and nearly fell down. Troopers say he smelled of alcohol and vomit, his eyes were bloodshot, glassy and watery.

When asked about the collision, Leyva told troopers he thought he was rear-ended and that both parties left the scene around the same time.

Troopers began a DUI investigation and tried to conduct a field sobriety test, which Leyva refused to perform twice.

He did not invoke his Miranda rights and told troopers he hadn’t drank since the crash, but confessed to drinking that night at the bowling alley.

He said he abandoned the vehicle because he was too impaired to drive.

He blew over the legal limit twice—0.112 and then .107.

Leyva was arrested and charged on DUI-related charges.

When he was being transported to the Pinellas County Detention Center, a trooper pulled over to let him vomit again. He vomited a third time in front of the trooper once he arrived to the detention center, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON-