TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Tonight, the new season of NBC’s hit show “The Voice” will debut. Coach Alicia Keys will be back in the spotlight, and she won’t be wearing makeup. Keys is helping to spread the “No Makeup Movement” to encourage young women to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Women around the country are taking cues from this coach and stepping out in their fresh face, including News Channel 8 producer Bea Rosen. She’s a recent college graduate who thought she would need to start wearing makeup once she began her career.

“My first week here, I actually did put on the full face of makeup every single day, and my face broke out so badly because my face wasn’t used to putting on the foundation,” recalled Rosen.

Rosen has been an athlete her whole life, including during college where she played tennis. Rosen says she did not wear makeup during the day because it would just sweat off during practice.

“I just feel really comfortable in my own skin,” said Rosen.

She is quick to admit that she is not anti-makeup and enjoys wearing it for special occasions.

“When I do have a nice event coming up, I really do feel like I’m getting dressed up versus wearing it every single day,” said Rosen.

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Stacey Scheckner believes Rosen is on the right track. She thinks that women need to have a healthy relationship with makeup.

“I think you can have fun with makeup and be artistic with it. That’s one thing, but feeling like you put on a face to cover up who you are, that’s a drastically different message,” said Dr. Scheckner. “I see tons of teens who have anxiety, depression and suicidal because of that fact, that they don’t feel comfortable who they are inside.”

Not only does Dr. Scheckner believe that parents should delay letting their girls try makeup as long as possible, she also says moms need to do their part as role models.

“Actions speak better than words. If you have this routine where you get up and do this whole face, your daughter is going to do the same thing,” said Dr. Scheckner. “I think if you have a brightness to your eyes and a smile, and you’re happy without makeup, that’s how she’s going to be.”

Rosen does give some credit to her mom for her self-confidence. “My mom does the same kind of thing where she doesn’t wear makeup at all each day.”

Voice Coach Alicia Keys is trying to be that type of role model for women on a larger scale.

In an interview with the Today Show with her makeup-free face, she said, “Being our own unique selves. We each have something that no one else has, and we can be so amazing. Just embrace each other as we are.”

It is a message that is particularly poignant in this social media age when your picture can be posted online at any moment.

Dr. Scheckner weighs in on this. “Magazines and social media, they’re all filtered. We have all this technology to filter, we cannot look like that in real life.”

Rosen agrees and puts out a challenge. “If you are someone who likes to put on makeup everyday, every once in a while, embrace how it feels not having it on.”WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON RIGHT NOW

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