MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – It was a story that touched dog lovers throughout the Tampa Bay area. Last week News Channel 8 told you about Roofus, a dog who spent years waiting for a new home. After our story aired, a viewer fell in love and adopted the sweet pup.

For such a happy dog, Roofus has had a sad life. During the past six years, he’s been living in a kennel at the Bishop Animal Shelter in Bradenton.

Roofus is a 10-year-old Weimaraner-mix. He has been adopted a few times – only to be brought back. Some folks said he wasn’t a good fit; others said he was too old.READ MORE: Heartwrenching letter discovered about Bradenton shelter dog

The longtime resident is beloved by the staff at Bishop, and officials there recently uncovered a heartbreaking letter written in 2010 by Roofus’ original owners.

It was penned in the first person, as if Roofus himself wrote it. The letter explained that Roofus was beloved and was reluctantly given up after the family was met with hard times.

Meg Mayer, a kennel staffer, choked up tears while reading the line, “My family is very sad to take me back to Bishop, but they know you will find me a new family.”

When the story aired on Friday night, Karen Duffy was watching in Port Richey. She was immediately touched.

“You could tell that he was a loving dog because of their response and their love for him, and their wanting him to really find a good home,” Duffy said.READ MORE: NewsChannel 8 story helps dog find new home

Last year her dogs died from old age, and she’s missed that canine companionship. When she saw the News Channel 8 story, her mind was made up.

“I looked over at my husband when they started talking about Roofus and of course he went, ‘Uh oh,'” Duffy said. “I immediately was in love and ready to have him in the house.”

She would’ve called that night, but the shelter was closed. So she called first thing Saturday morning, drove two hours and adopted Roofus.

He’s adjusting quite well. Roofus now has a backyard to play in, a huge bed and a family that loves him. He’s grown very attached to Duffy. And she’s very thankful she watched the news that day.

“Thanks for having Roofus on the broadcast,” Duffy said. “I’m the lucky one.”MORE STORIES YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN: