TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The National Hurricane Center is tracking an area of disturbance that could form into a tropical storm soon.

The NHC said at 2 p.m. Sunday that the area, designated Invest 96L, is located around 200 miles east of the southeastern Bahamas.

According to forecasters, the system has shown signs of organization and could become a short-lived tropical depression or storm over the next day or so.

However, upper-level winds and dry air are predicted to hamper the system’s development Tuesday.

An Air Force recon aircraft was deployed to scope out the system Sunday afternoon.

It has a 60% chance of formation through the next 48 hours. If it escalates to tropical storm strength, it will be named Vince.

Other areas of interest

The NHC is also tracking other areas of interest in the Atlantic and Caribbean.

First is what was once Hurricane Tammy, which weakened back into a post-tropical cyclone Sunday morning.

The second is an area of the central or southwest Caribbean that could become an area of low pressure sometime in the next few days.

However, the chances of formation at this time are low, with only 20% over the next seven days.