PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – The commute in Pasco County just got a little easier for drivers. The area is experiencing explosive growth.

County engineer Margaret Smith described, “I can see why people want to come here, it’s a beautiful place. It comes with its challenges.”

One of the challenges is congestion on the roads. A new I-75 interchange opened, Wednesday morning.

The completed project allows drivers to access the interstate at Overpass Road between Old Pasco Road and Boyette Road. Previously, drivers’ only options were State Road 54 to the south and State Road 52 to the north.

Smith explained, “it’s going to be safer, for one thing, because you don’t have as much congestion as you do at those two interchanges to the north and south. It’ll get people here quicker and reduce their drive time.”

Planning for the interchange started 10 years ago. It took crews 2 years to construct the $65 million project.

According to Smith, it will help with congestion throughout the area. “The whole area is either under development or working through development agreements. So, we do expect a lot of new homes here and a lot of new businesses.”