ST. PETERSBURG, FL (WLFA) – When you walk or bike the Pinellas Trail, another set of eyes will be watching over you.

Today the City of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg Police announced the installation of 16 new cameras on 6 poles along the trail.

They’ll be between 43rd Street South to 49th Street South – along 8th Avenue South.

Signs will be posted to let people know, they’re being recorded. Police are hoping the $125,000 camera system will be used as a crime deterrent. No one will continue to monitor them, but police can access them in real time from their cars or anywhere they have an internet connection.

Also, the system records video, so police can go back and identify a suspect if something happens. City officials said the segment of the trail was identified for improvements based upon a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) review conducted by the St. Petersburg Police Department last year.

Several recommendations from that review have already been put in place. Among them are graffiti removal, trimming landscaping, coordinating activities with adjacent neighborhoods, and increasing patrols by police.MORE FROM WFLA.COM: