Neighbor helps evicted, elderly Pasco woman get her home back

HUDSON, Fla. (WFLA) – Angie Tyma will likely never forget her 89th birthday.

It was Tuesday – the day Tyma moved back into the house she’s lived in for more than three decades. Last month the home was foreclosed on and Tyma and her belongings were tossed out. She’s still upset at the man who delivered the news.

“I’m gonna die but I’m never going to forgive him, never for what he did,” Tyma said, in tears. “Right over here he did it. Right over here, he said you can’t come into your house no more.”

After Tyma’s husband died, a family friend bought the house. Tyma rented the property from him. Unbeknownst to her, that family friend stopped making payments and the bank foreclosed on the home.

Neighbors sprung into action after seeing the frail woman and all of her furniture and valuables sitting on the front lawn. They loaded up trucks and took items into storage.

But one woman, felt she could do more. Danielle Calder lives right down the road and started researching. “I just talked to my husband and said, ‘We have to buy that house, have to get Angie back into that house.’ And he said, ‘We’ll just see what we can do,'” Calder said.

Calder wasn’t interested in the property – but was simply interested in getting Tyma back into her house.

Tyma arrived in the afternoon to find a fresh coat of paint on the exterior and her belongings back in the home. It was an incredibly emotional moment for her.

“Oh God. Oh my God! It’s Beautiful. It’s beautiful,” she said, crying. “Oh God, thank you for coming. I’m happy I’m home. Come Christmas time I’ll decorate it all up. I’ll put all the lights up. Oh my God.”

Tyma is paying Calder rent. Since she is on a fixed income, the rent payment is one she can afford. She’s just happy this dark chapter of her life is over and she can spend the rest of her days enjoying sunsets on the Gulf, the way she and her husband of 58 years did.