(WFLA) — A cargo ship mishap is continuing to have effects on the coastal communities along the northern Pacific Ocean as items continue to wash ashore.

Duke Marolf, a marine welder and pilot from Alaska, told Storyful in December that he found 23 coolers along the Gulf of Alaska during the summer, almost a year after the MV Zim Kingston spilled 109 shipping containers off the coast of British Columbia in 2021.

According to Marolf, he recovered the coolers, which usually have a value of hundreds of dollars, after making five flights and one boat trip along the Alaskan Coast.

In a TikTok posted in August, the Alaskan pilot said he went searching after he heard of people finding the coolers in Alaska and even Hawaii.

“We said hey, get the guys together and went on an adventure,” he said.

Marolf said aside from some surf abrasion, there was nothing wrong with the coolers.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, a total of 1,600 coolers were lost from the Zim Kingston.

“We started to hear reports of some of these coolers ending up on the shores of Alaska, Seattle, and beyond late last year when fans posted their finds on social media,” Yeti president Matt Reintjes told the Wall Street Journal. “We hope people will put these near-new Yetis to good use.”

KUOW reported that people in British Columbia have continued to find other items believed to be from the freighter including toys, bike helmets, and even urinal mats.