An elderly woman was tased by police in Georgia after venturing outside to cut flowers at a Boys and Girls Club.

Relatives told NBC affiliate WRCB last Friday, Martha Al-Bishara crossed the street to the Boys and Girls Club.  An employee there called 911 when he saw the 87-year-old was carrying a knife.

Three Chatsworth officers responded to the scene and demanded the woman put down the knife. When officers say she didn’t respond to their commands, one of the responding offers tased her.

Her granddaughter says Al-Bishara doesn’t speak English and did not understand what was going on.

“She thought she got shot like we have never really told her about stun guns or tasers and so she doesn’t know what that is,” said Martha Douhne. “When she kind of realized what happened she was kind of touching her heart and looking for blood.”

Relatives say Al-Bishara is recovering. She’s been charged with obstruction of an officer and criminal trespass.

“She’s always telling me I’m sorry that I’ve caused all of this and I feel so bad, but she’s been pretty depressed and it’s hard for her to look out at that area,” Douhne said.

The Chatsworth Police Department released a statement calling it an “extremely unfortunate situation.” They say when she began to walk toward the officer from an elevated position with a knife, the officer used the “most reasonable amount of force that he could at the time.”