TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — How long has “lol” been punctuation? The development of communication from letters to email to text messages, and now emojis, GIFs and memes has changed the verbiage game.

For younger generations, particularly Gen Z, different groups have what can at times seem like their own language. Phrases, words, and sometimes even emojis can have far different meanings based on context, age, and delivery method.

When you get insulted, do you fire back, pop off, or clapback? How about working on gaining respect? Do you clout chase or hype yourself up? Age is just a number, but with the rapid development of technology, vocabulary and communication change, sometimes dramatically.

To help you understand what Gen Z is saying, WFLA is going to help you finesse your way into understanding today’s language, without being sus.

Hello, fellow kids

Language always changes, but now it’s bouta get high key weird.

And fam, let me tell you, some of the meanings low key slay, but only in certain contexts. Sometimes, words just hit different.

If you’re confused, here are some ways to avoid getting flexed on when your family gets together for the holidays. Learning the language will help you avoid getting ghosted by younger generations.

Get ready, it’s about to get cringe.

cap; no capto brag, a lie or exaggeration, hyperbole; for real, not a lie
cheugyuncool, lame, unsuccessful attempts at being trendy
sussuspicious, dubious, not trustworthy, doubted
high keyobvious
low keynot obvious
boutaabout to
slaykilling it, doing well
famfamily, close friend group, general referral to people (like dude, bro, my guy)
flexed onassertion of dominance, verbal
ghostedgetting suddenly ignored, with no context or no comment
hits differentwhen something is unique, better than normal, causes an unexpected reaction
clap backinsulting response, forceful retort
clout, clout chasing/chasehaving influence, working to build your influence, sometimes not a favorable description
hypemake a big deal of something, promote something, emphasize it
finesseto trick or manipulate
vibemood, feeling, ambience
slapsrefers to something that is well liked, well regarded, enjoyed
stana super fan, devotee
spill the teagossip, the scoop, share a secret
yeetmultiple uses, anything from a farewell to a dramatic physical removal
cringeembarrassing, awkward, supremely uncomfortable

While the above list is not exhaustive, reading and using it means that, when it comes to speaking with younger generations, you understood the assignment.