EL RENO, Okla. (KFOR) — A weekend Halloween party in El Reno turned deadly. While the suspect sits in the Canadian County Jail, the family of the victim had to make the call to take him off life support.

“At 7:57p.m. I had to decide to pull the plug,” said Jason Davidson, the victim’s father. “It’s something I do not want any parent to have to do.”

Justin “Peyton” Davidson, courtesy of the Davidson family

Several hours before family said goodbye, 20-year-old Justin “Peyton” Davidson was at a Friday night Halloween party on Reformatory Road in El Reno.

At some point, the party moved outside where Peyton and Delsin Tsotigh got into a fight.

Delsin Tsotigh, courtesy of the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office.

“The guy pulled a gun and shot him three times in the head,” said Jason Davidson.

Davidson’s girlfriend saw everything.

“I was in front of him trying to help him calm down the next thing I know he was collapsing in my arms and on the ground,” said Camrynn Barker. “I watched my best friend leave me for forever.”

Davidson and Barker, courtesy of Camyrnn Barker

Partygoers called 911 while Tsotigh stayed on scene.

“So, where is the shooter at, okay?” said the 911 dispatcher.

“He’s right in front of us,” said the caller.

“The suspect was located on the scene and arrested at that time,” said Asst. Chief Kirk Dickerson with the El Reno Police Department.

While Tsotigh was arrested, Davidson was rushed to OU Health. His family was rushing up from Mississippi. Sadly, Davidson was brain dead.

Davidson and father in hospital, courtesy of the Davidson family

“We did get to say goodbye,” said Jason Davidson. “The last thing you expect, ever, is to bury your child.”

His father said his 6’11” son was a center and tackle football player. He got to coach Davidson in high school.

“I kind of got him started in it when he was about four,” said Jason Davidson. “That was kind of his go-to. Kind of his get-away.”

He also said his son was caring and funny.

“He would do anything he could to make you laugh,” said Jason Davidson. “He was a very outgoing guy so he never casted anybody aside.”

“He was a ride or die friend for anyone he loved,” said Barker. “The man who loved harder than anyone ever could.”

While Tsotigh sits in jail, Peyton’s father said he will never miss a court date.

“He’s going to look me in the eye and I will feel absolutely no sympathy,” said Jason Davidson.

“He didn’t deserve that and justice will be served for him and I’ll make sure of it because he didn’t deserve to go that early and be taken from everyone who loved him,” said Barker.

The Davidsons want to take their son back to Mississippi for his funeral. They said they were never planning on having a funeral for their son and have a GoFundMe to help with expenses.