ATASCOCITA, Texas (WFLA) — A group of men had to wrangle a 12-foot alligator as it wandered into a Texas neighborhood Monday.

Video posted to Instagram showed the gator lying under a truck in a neighborhood in Atascocita before it was lured out onto the sidewalk, making sure to avoid the gator rolling over on the road and injuring itself.

“Just a 12‘4 gator 🐊 on his Monday morning walk lol,” wrote Joey Coomer, who recorded the gator’s capture near his house.

The massive gator didn’t go out without a fight as it spun and hissed at its wranglers before Tim DeRamus, owner of animal rescue service Bayou City Gator Savers, managed to tie the gator’s mouth. DeRamus then sat on the large animal and bound it until a tow truck cam and put in the bed of a truck.

DeRamus told TMX that the 12-foot reptile was taken to Gator County, a rescue facility in Beaumont, Texas.