MONTVILLE, Ohio (WFLA) – Dramatic footage released by authorities in Ohio shows a truck whose brakes had failed narrowly avoiding a collision with a school bus on the morning of April 19.

Footage from multiple cameras released by the Montville Police Department shows views from the truck and from the school bus as the incident occurred, capturing the moment the truck swerved to avoid the bus.

The truck driver was heard in dashcam footage saying, “Stop, stop, stop! No,” in a distressed tone as he neared the bus and sounded the horn several times. Footage onboard the school bus showed shocked passengers, including children. One passenger said, “Oh God, he ain’t gonna make it!” as they heard the horn.

The videos show the truck narrowly missing the bus as it races past it on the drivers side, the truck driver managing to squeeze it through a small opening without hitting anyone or anything.

The truck driver told authorities later that morning that his brakes failed as he drove the 80,000-pound vehicle, according to local media.

The Montville Police Department said on Facebook that “a major crisis was avoided and many lives were likely saved” thanks to the quick actions of the truck driver.