TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Taylor Swift has been giving fans a concert experience they will never forget, especially those who attended her three-day residency at Gillette Stadium last week.

During Swift’s Saturday concert, fans were greeted with heavy rains as the singer and her crew performed her three-hour-long set through a torrential downpour – literally. However, not even the rain could stop the 33-year-old.

In fact, Swift famously performed one of her first rain shows ever in Gillette Stadium back in 2011. Even though fans enjoyed the concert, many wondered how the star was able to continue performing and how her equipment and instruments weren’t damaged.

It wasn’t until her Sunday night concert that even Swift herself realized not all the equipment survived “The Great War,” aka the storms.

Just as Swift was about to perform her second surprise song of the show, her piano began playing on its own like it was possessed, spooking the iconic singer in the process.

A video posted on Twitter by user @karyssajn showed the moment when Swift suddenly jerked away from the keys as they began to play without her touching the keys.

“I didn’t play that,” Swift told the crowd. “So, that means that,“ she continued before being cut off by another outburst from the piano. “Do you hear that? Is that happening for you, too?”

Of course, since the instrument seemed like it was haunted, fans thought she would play “Haunted,” which is featured on her “Speak Now” album.

Although Swift did not play the fan-favorite song, she did play “Red” and “I Think He Knows,” both on the guitar.