(WFLA) — A loss prevention officer at a Target in Blue Ash, Ohio, punched an aggressive shopper in the face after she demanded the store cover her $1,000 bill as a form of “reparations.”

According to the Blue Ash Police Department, the incident unfolded on Oct. 22, 2022. Police say 37-year-old Karen Ivery rang up a grocery bill of over $1,000 then refused to pay it, instead demanding to see a manager.

The New York Post, citing an arrest report, said Ivery brought up reparations several times during her brief encounter with the cashier before the store manager arrived.

Surveillance video shows Ivery speaking with the manager while “aggressively” advancing toward her.

“Ivery kept berating her about reparations and her privileged life,” the Post reported, as the patron jerked her head in the manager’s face.

Loss prevention manager Zach Cotter, witnessing the ugly incident, steps in and asks Ivery to calm down and leave the store.

Disobeying the request, Ivery begins “screaming” at Cotter as she advances toward the officer one step at a time. Retreating to his office, Cotter squares up to the shopper, winds back, and delivers a swift blow to her face.

In body-worn camera footage, Cotter later tells officers he punched Ivery in self-defense.

According to the police report, Ivery was “confrontational with officers on scene and didn’t want to explain her actions that evening.” She added, “This is my Rosa Parks moment.”

Police determined Ivery to be the aggressor and charged her with menacing and disorderly conduct with risk of harm.