ATLANTA (WFLA) — An Atlanta S.W.A.T. officer’s body cam captured the moment where he had to help save an unresponsive baby Friday.

The Atlanta Police Department said Officer Oden was on patrol when he saw someone with their hazard lights and blaring their horn, flagging down the officer.

The video shows the mother of baby Pierre rush to the officer with her child in her arms the moment he got out of his vehicle.

“He’s not responding,” the mother said, screaming the baby’s name while trying to wake him up.

The officer then set the baby on the ground as he checked his pulse. When the child showed no pulse, Oden began CPR until EMS personnel arrived.

“By the time Grady EMS arrived, SPO Oden had successfully gained a pulse from the infant as the infant’s legs began to move,” the police department said. “Grady EMS took custody of the child and rushed him to the hospital for further treatment.”