(WFLA) — It was anything but a routine delivery for one pizza delivery man in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, who lent an extra hand to police in a foot chase with a fleeing suspect.

Video shared by the Brookhaven Police Department shows 29-year old pizza delivery driver, Tyler, walking up to a hungry and unsuspecting customer. At the same moment, a 17-year-old fleeing a stolen vehicle crashes into a street pole and attempts to run on foot.

“He starts running and I have the pizza in my hand,” Tyler recalled. “I didn’t get the cash yet for the pizza so I’m not going to go back without the money for this pie.”

Tyler sticks out his foot and trips the suspect who police immediately take into custody.

“Honestly, I feel like I did what anyone else would do,” Tyler said. “People may think I did something extraordinary and I don’t really think I did. I think I did what I suppose to do in a situation like that so I stuck my leg out and caught a pretty nasty bruise on it but it is what it is. I’ll survive.”

Tyler said he and the officers were high-fiving and celebrating the unusual takedown.

“I think they were happy to have an extra hand or foot to help them out,” he added.

Brookhaven Police Chief Michael Vice said It was “actually shocking to see.”

“He was out delivering pizza there and I understand the pizza ended up getting delivered without any further incidents,” Vice joked. “But in all seriousness though, we do ask people not to intervene. We want to let the police handle it, but in this case, it did work out.”