TACOMA, Wash. (WFLA) — Body camera footage shows deputies wrangling an alligator after rescuing it from an abandoned shipping container near Tacoma, Washington – far from its native habitat in the southeastern U.S.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office said animal control received multiple complaints from a neighbor about the alligator, which is illegal to keep as a pet in the state.

Deputies said they found the alligator in a small tub inside of a shipping container, which the reptile shared with small, sickly baby cow, and a mattress that the animals’ 32-year-old owner slept on. They returned the next day with a warrant to seize the alligator and check on the calf.

Deputies said the calf and the owner were gone, but the alligator – who they’ve named “Al” – was still in the tub. Animal control got the gator out and deputies helped tape its mouth shut.

Body camera video shows deputies lifting the 6’7″ gator into the animal control vehicle. The sheriff’s office said they brought Al to the Tacoma Humane Society, and from there, he was taken to a wildlife sanctuary.

“The gator was in good health, but now will get to spend its time in a large habitat rather than a tiny storage container,” the sheriff’s office said. “None of our deputies knew what they would be seeing that day, but you can bet they will have stories to tell for a lifetime about this encounter.”