POTTSVILLE, Ark. (WFLA) — Dashcam video caught the moment when a man ran from a traffic stop … for no apparent reason.

Police in Pottsville, Arkansas, said they were conducting a traffic stop on a car when a man riding in the backseat got out, dropped his bag, and ran off.

“Keep running,” the responding officer said after informing dispatch about what happened.

According to police, the driver, who only got a warning for the traffic stop, didn’t even know who the guy was or why he ran. In the video, the driver is heard saying she picked him up after seeing him walking.

“We don’t know, but it does seem like a good day to bundle up and watch Forrest Gump,” the department said.

The department said the man’s bag didn’t have any illegal items in it, so they really are confused as to why he ran. As such, they weren’t looking for him and didn’t think there was cause for alarm.