SUMMERSVILLE, W. Va. (WFLA) – An elementary school principal in West Virginia is going viral after getting spooked when he unexpectedly found a furry “dumpster diver” at the school.

While opening the lid to a dumpster at Zela Elementary School in Summersville, the principal, James Marsh, was shocked to see what was inside.

On Monday afternoon, the Nicholas County Board of Education posted the surveillance video of the interaction on Facebook. In the video, the black bear can be seen poking its head out just as Marsh was starting to open the lid.

Both the principal and the bear took off from the dumpster, running in the opposite direction of each other. At the end of the video, the principal can be seen bending over, almost catching his breath from the frightening interaction.

Once the coast was clear and the principal was safe, the board of education joked with the video and captioned the Facebook post, “Who says principals don’t deserve hazard pay????”