NEW JERSEY (NBC) – Beware the mailbox that dares anger a bull on the loose, or as the saying goes: you mess with the bull, you get the horns.

Body camera video from a police officer shows the moment a bull on the loose laid waste to such a mailbox in new jersey after escaping from a local farm on Wednesday.

After a quick lick perhaps to try and sense its fear through taste. The video shows the bull hooking the mailbox from underneath with its horn and yanking the whole thing out of the ground.

The officer, parked next to the bovine, can be heard chuckling as he calls out on the radio, “she’s busy assaulting a mailbox right now.”

Stafford Township Police Captain Jim Vaughn called it a “great escape” and said the roughly year-old bull got loose along with several pigs and a goat through a gate that was not properly secured.