TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A young boy in New York City is capturing the hearts of thousands after a video of his adorable morning routine went viral on social media.

Children’s book author and mom Alissa Holder recently shared a video on her Instagram page of her 6-year-old son Ayaan enjoying his “moment of calm” before school that quickly gained attention.

Holder said she was packing lunches for her children when she looked over and saw Ayaan “casually drinking” lemon and honey while reading a new book at 6:30 a.m.

The mother of three said she laughed at first when she saw him, but was glad that her son got to have a moment to himself before school.

“At first I laughed. Because…who does he think he is?😂😂😂.But then I realized that I’m glad he had this moment of calm and focus for himself before he starts his day at school,” Holder captioned the viral Instagram post.

Holder’s clip has amassed well over 300,000 likes and more than 4,000 comments on Instagram since it was posted three weeks ago.

While the video has gained popularity and provided laughter to many, commenters couldn’t help but joke that Ayaan probably has a better credit score than them.

“This child has a high 700 credit score lol I love the responsibility,” one user wrote.

“Whose 55 year old daddy is trapped in this baby?😂😂 love this,” another user joked.

Holder even told TODAY.com that Ayaan “intentionally wakes up an hour before his younger siblings,” adding that “he does not like to be rushed.” According to TODAY, Holder and her husband, Alpha Diop, also share a 3-year-old daughter, Alaïa, and a 5-month-old son, Asé.