GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WFLA) — A bear disrupted football practice at a Tennessee high school in a video posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, Monday.

The video was uploaded by Brad Waggoner, the head football coach at Gatlinburg-Pittman High School.

“Just another day in The Smoky Mountains,” Waggoner said.

According to TMX, the bear was on the field for about 15 minutes before leaving. Aside from the interruption, the bear didn’t cause any trouble.

Black bears live all over the Smoky Mountains, just like much of the country, and are most active during the summer and spring, according to the National Park Service.

Experts say unless the bear appears to be approaching you, you don’t need to do anything. Just let the bear continue on its natural behavior path while keeping an eye on it.

If a black bear approaches you aggressively, don’t run and slowly back off to give it space. In the case of an attack, act aggressively and use a physical deterrent like a stick or bear mace.