PETERSBURG, Alaska (WFLA) — A small black bear gave Alaskan authorities quite the run around last week when it unexpectedly showed up at a grocery store, frightening shoppers.

Local news outlet Alaska’s News Source said state troopers, two Wildlife Troopers, and units from the Petersburg Police Department were called to the local IGA when a black bear was spotted wandering the aisles.

The small bear led officers on a chase throughout the store as they attempted to catch the elusive animal.

Bodycam video shows the officers using a human steel catch pole as they chased the cub through aisles of fruit and vegetables until they were able to corner him where the shopping carts were located.

Once the bear was caught, officers escorted the bear away from the store and put him into one of the trooper’s vehicles.

Justin Freeman with the Alaska State Troopers told Alaska’s News Source that the cub was ultimately euthanized for a variety of reasons.

The bear cub unfortunately had to be euthanized, Justin Freeman with the Alaska State Troopers told Alaska’s News Source. He said the decision was made along with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for a “variety of factors.”

“The bear was small and emaciated for this time of year. It did not have any measure of fat that would have sustained it through the winter,” Freeman said. “It was also abandoned, for unknown reasons, and therefore did not have any way to significantly acquire resources to recover from its condition.”

He added that the bear would not likely be able to handle the stress of transportation to a holding facility, and no known facilities had a placement for a black bear.