(WFLA) — Don’t let her baby face fool you. A Georgia 3-year-old got her first ticket after officers were called to assist with an incident on July 26.

While in the area, Officer Tyler Selvia was approached by a little girl who offered him a cold bottle of water on a hot day.

Unfortunately, Officer Selvia did not have any police stickers to repay his thanks, but did offer the girl “something that we hope she will cherish and keep forever.”

“I’m writing you your first ticket at 3 years old,” Officer Selvia said.

“I got a ticket, Dad,” the girl said. “You can get a ticket for yourself too, Daddy.”

“No, for you. I don’t want any,” the girl’s father said with a chuckle.

“Do you know what you’re being charged with?” Officer Selvia asked. “For being too cute, and having the bluest eyes I’ve seen all day. You keep that forever. Thank you so much for bringing me a water.”