DONALSONVILLE, Ga. (WFLA) — Georgia police had to take a scaly troublemaker after it caused trouble in a neighborhood.

TMX reported that the approximately six-foot alligator was hiding among parked cars at a house in Donalsonville, Georgia, when police arrived to capture it.

Video of the capture showed a someone start a truck to startle the gator from his hiding spot, Another man then came up with a snare and wrapped it around its head to get it out from the carport.

However, the gator didn’t go without a fight, doing a deathroll across the front yard to get free.

Eventually, officers and deputies got a tarp around the gator’s head to duct tape its snout closed.

“I got some Gorilla duct tape if you want it,” a man is heard saying to police.

Police said the alligator was relocated after the capture.

TMX contributed to this story.