SAN ANTONIO (WFLA) — A Texas police officer was fired after shooting at two teenagers in a McDonald’s parking lot, sending one to the hospital.

The San Antonio Police Department released body cam video Wednesday showing the incident between the two teenagers and the officer last Sunday at around 10:40 p.m.

Captain Alyssa Campos, an SAPD training commander, said the officer was responding to a disturbance call at a McDonald’s, and while gathering information, he noticed a car that evaded him Saturday.

According to police, the car had nothing to do with the disturbance. The officer previously pursued the vehicle because the license plate did not match the vehicle, leading him to think it was stolen.

After calling for cover, the officer approached the car and abruptly opened it, telling the teenage boy in the vehicle to get out of the car.

The body cam video showed the officer suddenly grabbing at the 17-year-old driver, who began reversing the car with the door still open.

The door ended up hitting the officer, who responded by firing at the teenager as he drove away.

“Shots, fired, shots fired!” he said after shooting at the minors and running after them.

The two teens were found a block away from the scene. The 17-year-old driver was shot multiple times and was hospitalized, according to police. The teenage girl in the passenger seat was not hurt.

Campos said the 17-year-old was charged with assault on a peace officer and evading detention. However, the officer, who was only with the force for seven months, was fired.

“The department terminated the probationary officer’s employment due to his actions during this incident, which were in violation of departmental tactics, training, and procedures,” Campos said.

The investigation into the incident is still in progress.