TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A father and son were captured on video sharing a heartfelt moment in one of the elder man’s last outings before passing from an incurable brain disease.

A video provided by TMX, shared by Maddie Obray on Instagram, shows her husband Trevor running a marathon shortly after his father, Bob, was diagnosed with a rapidly progressing brain disease.

“Trevor’s dad has always been his #1 supporter,” Obray captioned the video. “One of his last outings before he passed away was going to see Trev cross the finish line after running a marathon.”

“Atta boy,” Bob shouts as Trevor crosses the finish line.

The video shows Bob sitting outside the first aid area with Trevor after his run. The pair claps hands and Trevor breaks in to tears and says, “I love you, dad.”

Trevor points at his marathon number in the video and says, “My dad is who I’m running for.”

“Bob prioritized what truly mattered and loved with all his heart,” Obray wrote in the caption. “We’ll strive everyday to follow his example.”