TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A traveler in Texas caught an incident on camera where a car carrying large wooden planks sideways hit a sign and another vehicle.

The person who took the video said the hit-and-run happened over the weekend on Loop 363 in Temple, Texas.

“At first I laughed but then my laughter quickly turned into worry when I saw the car approaching a line of cars,” the witness said. “I knew the driver was going to hit the sign and when he hit the SUV with the wood.”

The driver continued to drive along the highway, closely followed by the SUV that they hit.

“The SUV that was hit chased down the driver with the lumber in the video to get the license plate number,” the witness said. 

The witnesses said the driver of the SUV told them that Temple police had a suspect for her to identify but had no other updates.