XENIA, Ohio (WFLA) — An Ohio man charged with an attempted kidnapping landed in more trouble after trying to stab a police officer with a pen Monday, as seen in police surveillance video.

The Xenia Police Division said Reid Duran was detained after he showed up to a school’s open house, claiming to be a kindergarten student’s parent.

When school officials realized he was not the child’s parent, he was escorted out of the building,, and police were called, according to a release.

The division said Duran voluntarily went to the Xenia Police Division to speak to detectives, but while waiting to be interviewed, he grabbed a pen on a desk and tried to stab the officer.

“You f—– kidding me right now?” the officer said after subduing Duran and putting him on the floor.

Duran was charged for attempted kidnapping, escape and felonious assault, according to police.