(WFLA) — Surveillance video from an Ohio home showed the moment that a 6-year-old managed to fight off a man who tried to kidnap her.

The video shows the little girl front of her home when a man tries grabbing her.

However, the child managed to break away screaming, running inside while the man walked off.

NBC affiliate WLWT reported that authorities identified the suspect as Deric Mcpherson, 33, of Hamilton. He charged with gross sexual imposition and abduction.

The child’s mother, identified as Mandie, told WLWT that she and her husband, Ricky, were right inside the home when the attempted kidnapping took place.

“I come in, like, ‘What’s wrong? What’s wrong?'” Mandie said. “She says, ‘Somebody tried to kidnap me. Some man tried to take me, and he grabbed my private parts.'”

The girl’s parents tried to chase after the suspect with their car while McPherson tried to avoid them in alleys, people’s yard, and behind cars.

“The only thing that kept running through my mind was, ‘I can’t let him do this to another kid.'” Ricky said.

The suspect was eventually found hiding in a Dodge Caravan at an automotive business, where police arrested him.

While the situation was traumatic for the child, her parents said they were glad they told her what to do if someone tried to take her.

“I’ve always told her that if somebody ever touches her, talks to her or grabs her, make a scene, scream as loud as she can and fight,” Ricky told WLWT. “She screamed bloody murder and pulled against him and got away from him.”