ST. GEORGE (KSL-TV/NBC) — Anybody who plays high school sports can probably remember senior night. It’s usually during the last home game of the regular season and a chance to honor the seniors and their parents. However, during senior night for the Desert Hills High School boy’s soccer team in St. George, Tuesday, all eyes were on freshman Stockton Beckstrom.

“Give him an opportunity to play on our varsity team,” said head coach Benji Nelson.

It would be his first varsity game.

“Yeah, a little bit of pressure. It’s mostly about just the starting lineup,” Beckstrom said.

He wasn’t just playing on the team. Coach Nelson decided to put him in the starting lineup.

“You know, we want to win,” Nelson said. “We’re fighting for placement in the state championship, the state playoffs, and we’re trying to use this as a momentum.”

This was an important game, all right. But nothing was as important as Stockton’s mother getting to watch him play varsity. She may never have another chance.

“It’s hard to know that you’re going to lose a parent, but he’s been great,” said Rachael Beckstrom, Stockton’s mother. “I’m so proud of him.”

Cancer is one of the opponents you never want to see on your schedule. Although Rachael Beckstrom knows her clock is running out, she’s thankful this team is making the end of her game as special as possible.

“There was a time where we didn’t know if I would get to see any of his high school games,” she said. “So, we were super excited to be able to come and then for the team to be so kind.”

Rachael Beckstrom watches her son play Varsity soccer for the first — and possibly last — time, in St. George, Tuesday. (Photo: Jay Hancock, KSL-TV)

The team surprised the Beckstrom family last week.

They came to their home and gave them a signed team soccer ball, dedicated the rest of their season to them, but also invited Stockton to play in their next game. That way he could play in a varsity game in front of his mother. Just in case.

“I think it’s really important to remember that there’s more than just soccer in life, and we’re all brothers and we’re all one team,” said senior Easton Chinn.

The team is also wearing teal armbands in honor of the Beckstroms.

“We want to support them and show them we love them,” said Seth Snyder, who is also a senior on the varsity team.

It’s a bond they’ll never forget.

They’ll also never forget the moment toward the end of the first half when Stockton had a free kick. When he kicked the ball into the air, a teammate put the ball into the goal, giving Stockton his first varsity assist.

His teammates hugged him. One teammate picked him up. The crowd cheered. And his mother saw it all.

“Go Stockton,” she yelled from the stands.

Not only did Stockton help his team win, but he was also smiling as big as he has in a long time.

He knew, for just a few minutes, his mom finally had a victory, too.

“It’s definitely reassuring to know you’ve got people who care,” he said.

Not even cancer can take that away.