(WFLA) — A touching video showed the moment a U.S. army officer deployed overseas surprised her daughter before her high school graduation in Alabama.

The video, released by the US Army, showed Jai Sisk as she sat in a restaurant and watched a montage that her mom, Chief Warrant Officer Trina Sisk, made for her since she would not see Jai graduate in person — or so Jai thought.

“Though I’m not there with you in person, know that I am always there,” Sisk told her daughter in a video message, which included photos of her daughter throughout the years.

As the tribute video concluded, Jai joked that her mom looked “like one of them soldiers in them videos on TV.” A moment later, Jai turned to her right and saw her mother standing there in person. Jai leaped from her seat to hug her mom.

After the graduation, Sisk was due to return to duty in Kuwait in support of Operation Spartan Shield, the US Army said.