TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Never mind that 4-ounce bottle of shampoo or tube of toothpaste seized by TSA agents at the airport.

One air traveler went above and beyond those offenses when they decided to run a variety of tools and weapons through airport security. The unusual array of items included three saw blades, a pair of nunchucks, a switchblade, and a knife that folds into a bullet-shaped sheath for good measure.

According to TSA Spokesperson Lisa Farbstein, the assortment of carry-on items was caught by TSA agents at New York’s Laguardia Airport during a pre-departure screening on Sunday.

Farbstein joked the traveler deserved “a lump of coal” for the holidays.

“Six prohibited items among a traveler’s carry-on items at @LGAairport on Sunday,” Farbstein said in a tweet. “Three saw blades, nunchucks, a switchblade and a knife that folds into a bullet-shaped sheath. @TSA recommends packing these items in a checked bag.”

Farbstein told CNN Travel the items were not illegal, but are prohibited in carry-on bags. They are allowed, however, in travelers’ checked luggage.

“So no arrest,” Farbstein said. “The individual repacked them in a checked bag and continued their trip as planned.”

With most of December still ahead, we’ve yet to learn if this traveler’s unusual array would make the TSA’s annual top 10 catches. Each year, the transportation authority releases its “Top 10” most bizarre items confiscated that year.

For now, here’s how this find stacked up against the TSA’s 2021 list:

  • Bullets in deodorant
  • Long-barreled antique pistol
  • Breakfast burrito… with meth in it

For the top seven items, click here.