TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Rare fossa triplets were recently born at the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England, the first of their species to be born at the facility.

Video provided by TMX shows the pups, who are now 12 weeks old, who are beginning to explore the outdoors.

The zoo said it will soon be naming the pups, one male and two females.

“The birth of Shala’s triplets is a huge cause for celebration. Not only are they the first pups to ever be born at our zoo, but their arrival into the endangered species breeding programme will allow us to discover more about their behaviours – from tiny pups all the way to adults,” zookeeper Rachael Boatwright said in a statement.

The cat-like mammal is a distant relative of the mongoose, the zoo said, and it’s the top predator in its native forests of Madagascar.

The species is threatened by loss of habitat.