TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — TikTok announced new changes aimed at shielding younger viewers from inappropriate content on Wednesday, including a rating system and content filters.

According to a TikTok press release, the new ratings system will function similarly to video game or movie ratings, organizing videos by their “thematic maturity” level.

The platform said that under the new system, videos containing “mature or complex themes” will be flagged and assigned a “maturity score”. This rating will determine if a video is shown to users under 18 on their For You page.

TikTok announced it will also add a feature allowing users to “customize” their For You and Following feeds by filtering out videos with words or hashtags they prefer not to see.

It is unclear how TikTok will verify whether or not a user is over 18. According to the app’s terms and conditions, users must be 13 or older to use the full version of the app. In the U.S., users 12 and under can only access certain parts of the app with parental controls and limited interactions with other TikTok users.

The app has faced criticism for exposing children to inappropriate content. A European Consumer Organization complaint filed last year alleged TikTok exposed underage users to hidden advertising and videos that could potentially be harmful.

TikTok said the changes are set to take effect in the coming weeks.