NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — In broad daylight on Wednesday morning, a man and woman broke into a Nashville home with a 12-year-old inside.

“My daughter was sleeping on the sofa at the time. When she hears banging in the kitchen she gets up and she goes ‘who are you people? what are you doing in my house?'” Mary Santa Anna said.

Santa Anna was at work while her daughter planned to enjoy the last few days of summer at home before starting the seventh grade.

“They make her sit on the couch. The female tells the guy that was with her to take my daughter’s phone away from her so she can’t call and get help,” Santa Anna said.

Luckily, a security camera at a neighbor’s house caught the woman Santa Anna’s daughter saw in their home. Santa Anna his hoping the police can identify the pair soon so they can be brought to justice.

“They’ve taken away her innocence. She has lost the feeling of safety and security in her own home, and we can’t get that back,” Santa Anna said.

Santa Anna said her daughter was able to escape the house unharmed.

“My daughter realized they were taking things out of the house through the garage. And she took the opportunity to run out the front door. She actually jumped over the hedges here to get to the neighbors to try to get some assistance,” Santa Anna said.

But the mother and daughter have been sleeping in a hotel ever since.

“It’s not a fear that they’re going to come back. It’s that someone has violated our home. My personal space. My daughter’s personal space,” Santa Anna said.

Santa Anna has been in contact with MNPD detectives to investigate who the pair was. In the meantime, she plans to install a security system at her home.